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Fantasy Sports is assembling virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. You pick a team, competing against thousands of players & win cash. Numerous fantasy players connect with the sport of their choice vis-a-vis fantasy sports portals. How is this magnanimous world of fantasy sports expanding to the nth degree? Firstly, sport has become an integral part of everyone's life & is accessible easily. Secondly, adding the term fantasy to it has magnified its stature. Who wouldn't want to make money whilst following their favourite sport?


In India, Cricket is the most prominent sport, followed by football & the rest are slowly but assuredly catching up. Fantasy Cricket & fantasy football are played by a diverse collection of audience. With the sport widening its horizon with every passing day, the fantasy version of it isn't far behind. Over 20 million users play fantasy sports and this number has gone up from a mere 2 million last year. As far as envisaging how much the number will go up to? The Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG) has made an estimation that the user base will cross 100 million by 2020.


Out of the abundant fantasy sports portals in our country, FanFight has emerged as one of the finest. Daily Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football are readily available on this platform & it gives its users plenty to play for. A creative interface, the cloning feature (where 10 similar teams can be created), PDF downloads (where all the participating teams can be viewed), & a staunch user base make FanFight one of the favourite fantasy sports applications.


Once you've installed the application & completed the registration process, you're good to go. You're in it to go up against many fantasy players who are massive sports fanatics. You need to choose a sport(cricket/football), select a fixture, pick a cash contest, create your team & wait in anticipation for your team to win cash. Easy? Of course, it is!


How are fantasy points on FanFight calculated?


The players you select, earn points based on real-time performances. For IPL Fantasy Cricket (in T20s), players earn 2 points if they feature in the starting eleven, 0.5 points for every run scored & 8 points for every wicket. The points system differs for all three formats. A detailed explanation of the points system is listed here(https://fanfight.com/pointsystem/). The same goes for fantasy football. The common factor though - the captain earns 2x, while the vice-captain earns 1.5x the points scored by the player in the live game. Hence, choosing the captain & vice-captain become extremely important. Likewise, the other players also must be chosen with detailed scrutiny.


Play Daily Fantasy Sports on FanFight in the coming years


The major T20 leagues like the IPL, BBL, WBBL & ICC tournaments garner a lot of attention on FanFight as far as Fantasy Cricket League is concerned. While the top 5 European football leagues attract plenty of fantasy football fans. Fantasy sports on FanFight is not restricted to only football & cricket. Kabaddi, Basketball & Tennis are bright prospects & they'll be welcomed gleefully.


The scope and impact of fantasy sports will continue to expand enormously in coming decades as every sport itself becomes ubiquitously available.




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How to Pick Your Daily Fantasy Cricket Team on FanFight



Fantasy Cricket has been a massive boon for the fantasy sports fraternity & these numbers seem to only increase. In India, where the sport is so closely followed, fantasy cricket hasn’t taken time to settle in. Almost every Indian is a sports fanatic & has a perspective about the ploys carried out in a cricket game. Imagine owning a team virtually, competing with other cricket fanatics & making money out of it. Sound’s exciting doesn’t it? Well, that’s fantasy cricket, rather fantasy sports for you & that’s one reason this genre of virtual cricket will only get better.


What’s the prerequisite to start playing fantasy cricket? Well, all you need is knowledge about the sport, a fantasy cricket platform & thousands of people who think likewise. There are plenty of fantasy sports platforms in India, but one portal that has garnered a lot of attention for its creativity & for connecting fantasy cricket players like no other is FanFight.  


How to Play Fantasy Cricket on FanFight? 


For starters, you need to install the application. You can download the application directly from https://fanfight.com/ (available for both Android & iOS). Fill in the required details & you’re good to go. Select the sport of your choice, pick from the various fixtures listed on FanFight’s game centre, choose a cash contest, create a team & start winning. Yes! It’s that simple. What are you waiting for?


How to pick a Fantasy Cricket Team? 


Thousands of fantasy sports players use their sporting knowledge to win cash contests on FanFight. And to win against these smart cricket tacticians, your team selection ought to be immaculate.  Winning on FanFight can become extremely easy if you keep in mind the following factors.


1)    Always choose an in-form player. Picking a player who averages 50+ & hasn’t scored in the last 5-6 games might not go your way. All you need is a little research. Follow fanfight.com/blog for all the match previews.


2)    Keep the pitch conditions in mind before picking your team. If the pitch is a rank turner include more spinners. If the turf assists pace bowling, include fast bowlers & if the pitch is tailor-made for batting, make way for more batsmen.


3)  Always stay updated. Know the probable starting eleven from both the squads. Again, a little fact-finding might help you pick the perfect eleven.


4) Avoid personal choices. Select players who are scoring a lot of runs/picking plenty of wickets. If your favourite cricketer isn't scoring or isn't among the wicket-takers, it's only logical to not pick him/her.


5) Fantasy Cricket is an amalgamation of sporting knowledge, sharp instinct & a strong gut. A perfect recipe to win on FanFight or any other fantasy sports portal. 



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Play India's Best Fantasy Cricket League Portal and Win Cash Daily - FanFight

Fanfight are the Best Online Real Fantasy Sports Portal in India. Fanfight are the India’s Top most Online Fantasy Cricket Platform to play Realistic Fantasy Cricket League Online.


Fanfight offers wide range of Daily Online Play Fantasy Cricket Games and Win Real Cash. Signup for Fanfight and Start Playing Fantasy Cricket League to experience the best Cricketing on our Fantasy Cricket App. So what are you waiting….. Download Fantasy Cricket App now and Start Playing and enjoy the benefit of Win cash Prizes.


Fantasy Cricket Sports Platforms are expected to see a huge traction in India. This is happening due to IPL, T20 and World Cup. People are Keen to Play Fantasy Cricket Games Online and the numbers may increased by 10 crore users by 2020. Users are most actively engaging with the fantasy sports to find the real gaming experience online.

Enjoy Playing wide range of Daily Fantasy Sports and get a chance to win cash prizes by Playing Fantasy Cricket Games Online. On Fanfight App you can feel the best user experience  With fast cash deposit and withdrawal, option of instant withdrawal, Paytm deposit & 24/7 customer support;.


A Wide range of promotion bonuses and Online Fantasy Cricket Game coupons, a much better rewards programs and referral bonuses offered, you will love to create and play with your dream team on Fanfight Fantasy Cricket website and App.


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About FanFight:


The platform has over a million registered users, some 50,000 of whom are online concurrently at peak times; not bad going for a product launched this year. “We started developing in April 2017, took six months to build the system, and had 70k users by March 2018. The IPL season started in April, and by the time it finished at the end of May we had 1.1 million users.”


What’s next?


“We have a roadmap now for more efficient coding,” says Akhil, “and we know where to research.” In conjunction with its experience of AWS node.js server auto-scaling – “20-30 app server instances on average, 200 at peak” – the company is confident that it can plan for aggressive expansion next season.


“We’re aiming at minimum 15 times growth, to 15 or maybe 20 million users, but that won’t be much good if we’re not the fastest and best experience for the fans,” Akhil says. (See table below for FanFight’s growth goals.)


FanFight on Mobile Devices


FanFight is available on both Android & iOS. Download Fantasy Cricket App and watch your favorite cricketers win points for you. iOS users can Download FanFight iOS App and start winning cash daily.


You can also register on FanFight through the web browser on desktops and laptops. Fantasy Sports will presumably reach the 100 million figure in a couple of years and FanFight will be a major contributor to that colossal number.  Get the best experience of India’s finest  and Fantasy Football platform.


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